Monthly Archives: October 2015

News, College Campus Closed Down

College Campus Closed Down Due to Algal Bloom In Southern Illinois a college had to close off its campus lake to students and staff to prevent them from being exposed to an outbreak of toxic algae. This report from The Southern Illinoisian describes the problems the Southern Illinois University has had with algae over the…
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Algae Hits the Headlines again

9/11 Memorial Pools Evacuated Due to Algae Risks Earlier this summer in New York City, the two memorial pools built to commemorate the September 11th terror attacks were evacuated for health and safety reasons after they began to give off a strong and unpleasant smell. This article in the International Business Times shows just how…
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Algae Hits the Headlines

Unlike most forms of plant life, algae can grow with enough rapidity to cause considerable disruption to the environment. With no prior warning, algal growth can require large bodies of water to be quarantined to protect the health and well-being of the surrounding community. When such drastic action is necessary, it is no surprise that…
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