Algae control in Lakes Testimonials

Whitmore Fisheries, Nr. Blackpool second Test

June-July 2012

Trial using one of a the new range PondTec Ultrasound Units. These units were pre-cursors to the considerably more powerful Efficient Sonics products.

This fishery had suffered from persistent algal infestation, identified as the blue green algae Oscillatoria sp. Various treatments were previously tried but with no effect. In 2011 a PondTec 50 Ultrasound unit was installed, which succeeded in restricting algal growth but was unable to eradicate it.

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First Test in Nr Blackpool at Whitmore Fisheries

Trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of a 'PondTec 50' Ultrasonic Unit
in eliminating a bloom of blue-green algae
Oscillatoria sp at “The Doughnut Pool”
Whitmore Fisheries, Nr Blackpool
Lancashire in September 2010

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Impressive results,
Oscialltoria algae and other species of algae controled by Efficient Sonics Smart Lake:
A report form the USA to our Distributor, Sustainable Soil & Water Ltd, who supplied the ultrasonic algae control equipment.

Trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of Smart Lake  Ultrasonic Units
in eliminating a bloom and the controle of Oscillatoria, Microcystis, Anabaena, Cylindrospermopsis, Pseudanabaena, Merismopedia, Blue-Green algae and Planktothirx.

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