Algae bloom in olympic pool in Rio.

The Green Diving Pool At The Rio Olympics Stinks Of Farts.

Published on : date 13.08.2016

Quote:" I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the organisers of the Rio Olympics now, so it brings me now pleasure in writing that, yet another thing has gone wrong at the games. Feel a bit like we're just kicking a man when he's down now.

The Olympic diving pool has been the source of plenty of news stories this week. Firstly, it turned green overnight, and then we had two Team GB divers shed some light on their theory as to why it was green (it was the ink off the banners that surround the pool, apparently), well now its stinks of farts.

Germany's Stephan Feck (amazing name), is supposed to be competing in the men's three-metre springboard event on Monday and he was first to bring attention to the smell. He took to Facebook to tell the world: "The moment you want to do some workout and the pool is closed -- the whole venue smells like somebody has fart." Alongside some photos of him and his teammate holding their noses.

The pool has now been closed, which would be annoying if you were training for an event, and athletes are carrying out training on dry land, using trampolines and harnesses, according to the Independent.

In more pool related news the water polo pool is also being scrutinised after competitors said they were left with stinging eyes. Too much chlorine, that, I remember from swimming lessons in school.

Words Claire Reid. " End of quote.

The Independent is reporting further:

With the pool closed, athletes have been forced to perform ‘dry’ training with trampolines and harnesses in another part of the venue.

Questions have also been raised about the safety of the Aquatics Centre’s water polo pool, adjacent to the diving section, which has left athletes complaining of ‘stinging eyes.

The Australian water polo player Richie Campbell said on Thursday: “I don't know what's happened. I think they bumped up the chlorine or something because my eyes are stinging.”

“It hurts at the end of the game and we'll probably get teary eyes for the next couple of hours but that's alright.

“I felt it more towards the end. It wasn't too bad in the water but now it's really starting to sting.”

Update 15.08.2016. posted the following update.  Quote:"

We know it smells of farts, we know it's green, but as of yet we didn't know WHY it was green.

I mean, there was loads of speculation, algae, aliens (obviously, someone always blames aliens) dye and even piss.

But now it's been formally announced why an unauthorised dumping of 80 litres of hydrogen peroxide are to blame, which allowed algae to grow at a pretty speedy rate.

Gustavo Nascimento, director of venue management (you're doing a great job there, Gus) told reporters that although hydrogen peroxide is used to clean pools, it shouldn't have been mixed with chlorine. "We were not consulted; our contractor's failure is our failure," he added.

As soon as the water turned green officials ran tests to check it was safe and none of the athletes who used the green pool complained of any side-effects...and surely they'd be glad to suddenly grow webbed feet in their line of work, anyway.

The pool next to the green pool, which was used for water polo, did get some complaints however, with competitors saying the water left them with stinging and itchy eyes. This pool is being drained, whereas the green pool is going to continue being treated in hopes that it will be ready for later on next week.

Words Claire Reid
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