Algae Hits the Headlines

Unlike most forms of plant life, algae can grow with enough rapidity to cause considerable disruption to the environment. With no prior warning, algal growth can require large bodies of water to be quarantined to protect the health and well-being of the surrounding community. When such drastic action is necessary, it is no surprise that algal blooms often make the headlines. Here are just some of the stories from recent weeks which show how problematic algae can be.

Clatto Reservoir Closed Amid Poisoning Fears

This report from The Courier explains how Dundee Council closed Clatto Reservoir after a fatal dog poisoning was attributed to blue green algae in the lake.  The story illustrates how serious algae growth can be, and how important it is to prevent our pets from being exposed to dangerous strains of algae.

If you have a pond or body of water in your garden, it is vital you prevent algal blooms and keep your pets safe. A Efficient Sonics System is the safest method for the removal of algae as it does not require the use of dangerous chemicals, which in themselves can cause harm to animals.

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