News, College Campus Closed Down

College Campus Closed Down Due to Algal Bloom

In Southern Illinois a college had to close off its campus lake to students and staff to prevent them from being exposed to an outbreak of toxic algae. This report from The Southern Illinoisian describes the problems the Southern Illinois University has had with algae over the years.

Algal blooms such as this are not only problematic due to health dangers, they can also be highly disruptive, especially in areas such as a college campus where a lake may be used for recreation. By employing an effective and efficient anti-fouling system disruption to recreation can be avoided.

The Best Defence

swamp-1373505-639x426These articles show how quickly algae can take hold on a body of water, and how severe the associated problems can be. Instead of dealing with an algae problem once it happens, it is best to prevent the growth in the first place with an effective anti-fouling protocol. A Hughes sonic system unit prevents algal growth without the use of harsh chemicals. Find out more here.

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