The innovative, ultrasonic anti-fouling products offered by Efficient Sonics comprise three main components namely: a mains power supply, an ultrasonic generator unit and up to two transducers per ultrasonic generator to project the sound into the water, since each ultrasonic generator has two output channels available for use, depending on the application.

Optional accessories include a portable ultrasonic meter for checking the sound level in the water, and a microscope which can be used as a rudimentary method of evaluating algae content in a water sample as a measure of system effectiveness.

Operating Principle

In use, the ultrasound generator unit sends an electrical signal to the ultrasonic transducer which is in contact with the water to be sonicated. The transducer projects the signal into the water as an ultrasonic wave, which travels through the water rather like a ripple.

If the ultrasonic drive signal is of the correct intensity and frequency, a process known as cavitation can occur on the front face of the transducer in contact with the water. This causes microscopic gas bubbles to continually form and burst, sending high-pressure shock waves through the water.

With algae, the ultrasonic shock-waves reach the centre of the algal cell and cause excessive pressure to build up in the vacuole, which is a membrane-bound organelle used for buoyancy, present in all plant and fungal cells. Once the cell has exceeded a critical pressure threshold due to the ultrasonic wave, it ruptures and destroys the cell vacuole causing the elimination of the algae. The cells may also be disrupted by long term stresses caused by continuous agitation of the water by the ultrasonic signal.

Most uni-cellular algae usually decompose within seven to ten days, however, filamentous algae may take over eight weeks to dissolve completely.

In a similar manner bio-film is destroyed, as a consequence of which, the formation of harmful bacteria is prevented.

The Ultrasonic Generator And Mains Power Supply

The Efficient Sonics ultrasonic generator unit provides a highly versatile approach to drive the transducers with a bespoke ultrasonic signal, specially tailored to be most effective at anti-fouling for the target application. The unit employs a microcontroller which can be re-programmed as required with the desired signal parameters such as frequency, amplitude and duration patterns, to provide a highly flexible and powerful ultrasonic signal source. The ultrasound generator has two output channels to drive separate transducers as required.

For added versatility, the ultrasound generator unit is powered externally from a 24V dc supply which can be sourced by the mains power supply adapter provided, or from a suitable customer supply.

The Transducer

The transducer projects ultrasonic waves from its front face, with a radial opening angle of 90° about the centre axis, to ensure a wide conical area is actively targeted.

The transducer  is fully submersible and is available in large and small sizes. The small comes with a 5 metre lead as standard whilst the large has a 10 metre lead. Longer lengths are available upon request or alternatively an extension lead may be purchased from us, as required.

To complement the transducer, a range of flotation devices, mounting rings and support fixtures are available for use as required, depending upon the application.

The Efficient Sonics Smart Tune Technology

We are the only company on the market who offer Smart Tune Technology in all of our products.

This unique feature self-regulates the system to ensure that only optimal frequencies are ever emitted from the transducer.

At a pre-set regular interval which can be adjusted to your needs, the ultrasonic generator automatically scans the nominal frequencies to be output and tunes the system to select the frequency in the range with the highest energy activity.

By doing so, the system is automatically able to compensate for physical changes in the working environment, such as temperature and density, and is consequently more effective than competitor products.



Ultrasonic Meter

A portable ultrasonic meter is available to measure the intensity of the ultrasonic signal in both air and water as required. With this meter you can have full confidence in knowing that your Efficient Sonics ultrasound device is performing correctly, during and after installation.


Extension Leads

Efficient Sonics Extension Leads are male to female and are supplied with an appropriate watertight 6 pin plug on each end. These leads provide a waterproof and flexible cable extension to the connection between the transducer and ultrasound generator unit.

Useful To Have


A digital microscope is available to test water for the presence of algae. The microscope connects to a PC via a USB connection and can use the PC to display and capture images as required. User instructions and driver software are supplied on a disk for installation on the PC, prior to using the microscope.

Benefits of using Efficient Sonics Products

• Scientifically proven technology. There are many studies assessing ultrasound technology in various different applications, and they provide overwhelming support for ultrasonic systems being unrivalled solutions for the prevention and removal of algae, bio-film, marine fouling and lime-scale.

• Guaranteed reliability. We consider our range of products to be the most reliable on the market, and to offer you full peace of mind each product comes with a 12 months warranty.

• Chemical free. The Efficient Sonics product range offers an alternative to using environmentally damaging chemicals when remediating and preventing the presence of algae, bio-film, marine fouling and lime-scale.

• Improved water quality. Our ultrasonic devices will remove algae or prevent algae growth, which subsequently re-oxygenates the water and increases the pH levels.

• Improved health for wildlife. The signal frequencies and intensities used by Efficient Sonics products are specifically targeted at the fouling species and designed to have a minimal effect on other wildlife present. Thus helping to assist a pond, for example, in becoming a more hospitable ecosystem by the removal of algae.

• No Maintenance required. The Efficient Sonics range of products are 'fit and forget', which ensures that you do not have to endure the hassle of removing or altering the device once installed.

• Highly effective. Our Smart Tune technology ensures that an optimal range of ultrasound frequencies are always emitted, by automatically tuning the system to match its working environment at assigned intervals. This increases the effectiveness of your Efficient Sonics device to ensure peak performance at all times.

• Helps remove barriers for businesses. By preventing and eliminating fouling species in an environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective way Efficient Sonics can help industries, such as fish farms and shipping to reduce pollution and operating costs.

• Improves boat and ship performance. The innovative ultrasound technology offered by Efficient Sonics can effectively prevent and remediate marine fouling from the hull and drives, which increases lubricity and helps to increase engine performance.

• Dual action technology that both prevents and eradicates fouling species. Unlike chemical alternatives, our pioneering dual-action products continuously treat the existing fouling and prevent a subsequent build-up.