Smart C 50 L 2

Product Overview

Commercial 50 L 2

The Smart C 50 L 2 eradicates algae in industrial environments, such as in reservoirs and cooling towers. This model has a 30 watt control box that powers the transducers effectively to cover a range of up to 50 metres to ensure algae does not disrupt industrial operations. The key advantage of this model is the presence of 2 transducers, which can effectively cover areas that are unusually shaped or contain blockages.

The Smart C 50 L 2 uses the unique Smart Tune Technology, which automatically scans the frequency waves emitted to select the most optimal frequency at regular intervals. You can also purchase this product with a range of accessories, including our Ultrasonic Meter, extension leads, floats, and mounting clamps, by contacting us.

Technical Information

Range 50 metres
Control Unit Output 30 watts
Transducer Diameter 90 millimetres
Number of Transducers 2
Cable Length 15 metres